FirstNet-NC Data Collection Request




FirstNet-NC is a Federal project working towards providing first responders with another option for wireless broadband connectivity ( Most, if not all law enforcement, agencies provide connectivity for mobile data computers through commercial carriers and vendors across the nation and our state. Although this is a vital and valuable service and for the most part meets their needs, at times during emergency events first responders are competing with the general public for connectivity. Congress set aside a large chunk of spectrum for the nation’s first response community that will provide ALL first responders who choose to join the FirstNet network with priority 4G LTE unlimited data access. The FirstNet network will also provide hardened tower sites with backup power resources that will ensure connectivity during those events when power is lost; this is a backup capability that most commercial cellular carriers do not provide. FirstNet will also have deployable cell site resources that can be sent to increase or re-establish a network in an emergency or large scale event.   


FirstNet-NC needs your help to ensure that we have the information needed to provide those tasked with building out the infrastructure in our state a complete and accurate snap-shot of how our first response agencies utilize wireless in our state. This data collection phase is critical to ensure that when the infrastructure is being designed and built out that FirstNet knows our needs.


Below is a link to a short survey that we need you or someone in your agency to complete so that we have a complete understanding of your needs now and for the future. Please have someone in your agency complete the survey as soon as possible so that we can provide FirstNet with the most accurate information possible. Click here for survey.


Read the FirstNet brochure here.


These FirstNet videos are very imformative: