Traffic Incident Managers (TIM) Responder Course



This training was approved by Congress in 2005.  All fifty states must participate in this training. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol and The Office of State Fire Marshall, started this past January, to train all of their employees.  The NCJA will offer credits to law enforcement officers towards their certificate if they show that they have a certificate of completion of training.


For those interested in this training, please contact Carolyn Logan 980-939-3535 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Course Name:          Traffic Incident Managers (TIM) Responder Course - N.C. Specific

Course Description:      Three injury crashes happen every minute in the United States, putting nearly 39,000 incident responders, potentially in harm’s way, every day. The longer incident responders remain at the scene, the greater risk they, and the traveling public face.  The National Traffic Management Responder Training was created by responders for responders. The North Carolina Specific material was added for shared understanding of the requirements of North Carolina laws and regulations as it pertains to safe, quick clearance of traffic incident scenes, prompt, reliable and open communication, and motorist and responder safeguards.
This training covers many TIM recommended procedures and techniques, including:

•    TIM Fundamentals and Terminology
•    Notification and Scene Size-Up
•    Safe Vehicle Positioning
•    Scene Safety
•    Command Responsibilities
•    Traffic Management
•    Special Circumstances
•    Clearance and  Termination
•    Telecommunications

Outcomes:        Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

(1)    Use a common set of practices and advance standards across all responder disciplines.
(2)    The National Traffic Incident Management Training equips responders with a common set of core competencies and assists them in achieving the TIM National Unified Goal of strengthening TIM programs in the areas of responder safety, quick clearance, and prompt, reliable and interoperable communications.

Target Audience:    The target audience for this training is extended to all TIM responders including:

•    Law Enforcement
•    Fire/Rescue
•    Emergency Medical Service
•    Towing and Recovery
•    Emergency Management
•    Communications
•    Highway/Transportation and Dispatch

Contact Hours:         4
Class Size:              40  (Cut off when it is full)
Location:                To Be Determined (could be anywhere in NC)
Dates and Times:    To Be Determined (by instructors)