President's Message

 Zuidema President

It is my honor and privilege to serve my peers and my profession as President of the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police for 2018.  The NCACP has a long-standing tradition of leadership among law enforcement professionals in North Carolina and has been working to further “Law enforcement excellence for tomorrow…today” for more than forty years.



Our membership of more than 350 Chiefs of Police and other command level law enforcement leaders is committed to advancing our profession and focusing on ensuring we do everything within our power and influence to focus on positive community engagement and public safety across North Carolina.  At a time when we face so many diverse challenges, it is imperative that we work together within our profession and, more importantly, with our legislators, local and state government officials, and our citizens to ensure we are taking positive steps focused on accountability, education, and transparency in law enforcement.



I encourage you take the time to learn more about the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police, our efforts in North Carolina, and our goals for the future.  We have recently adopted our first strategic plan and we continue to focus on developing our current and future leaders through training, mentoring, and outreach.  As we face challenges in areas such as police-community relations, consumers with mental health issues, recruitment & retention, and the current opioid crisis, we need the support of our citizens and collaboration within our profession now more than ever.  So many of these issues are not law enforcement issues, but are community and societal issues that require ongoing innovative strategies and a commitment to positive change.



I look forward to the coming year and to the opportunity to further professional law enforcement efforts in North Carolina.




Brandon Signature

Brandon V. Zuidema

Garner Chief of Police

NCACP President