NCACP Chiefs Journal


The Winter 2023 First E-Edition of North Carolina Police Chief is now live! Above you will find the embedded version of your specific issue, which can be shared with anyone you’d like.

Through our journal we are able to circulate timely information concerning the latest law enforcement techniques and developments.  The NORTH CAROLINA POLICE CHIEF is essential in our continuing efforts to promote effective law enforcement and to foster a strong public interest in safety and crime prevention.

The North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police uses royalty income realized from the publication for its programs and member services to help advance the science and art of police administration and crime prevention. Public Safety Services, LLC is retained by the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police as a paid solicitor and the representative calling on your business is acting in that capacity.

The NORTH CAROLINA POLICE CHIEF is supported entirely by concerned businessmen and women in our communities who purchase advertising space in the journal. The entire membership of the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police gratefully appreciates your consideration and support.