COVID-19 Law Enforcement Resources

A great deal of information has been sent out by a number of Federal and State agencies. The information, guidance, and mandates change as the situation and details emerge pertaining to the COVID-19 virus.

In an effort to keep our agencies informed, numerous messages have gone out from the NCACP to assist Chiefs and their staffs to prepare and respond to this unique situation. Below, you will find links to several Resource Pages and documents to assist you and your agencies in a number of different areas pertaining to COVID-19.


I hope that you find this Resource Page useful. As we move forward, the Association will provide updates as we receive them from State and Federal authorities. The NCACP staff and Board Members continue to address issues with state agencies and officials that directly affect you and your agencies as this situation progresses.

The NCACP and our law enforcement leaders have faced many challenges; economic, technological, biological, socio/demographic and political that affect our profession. Our values, integrity, professionalism, leadership, and courage remain constant.  

To all our members, their personnel, and their families - Thank you for all you do, and stay safe.